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Anthony and Jessica Martin Bates\' Drop Everything and Play 2008Bates’ short term provided much relaxation along with much academic stimulation. Short term, a five week academic term, gives students the opportunity to take one course, conduct research, go abroad and participate in various off campus studies. At Bates a student has to take two short term units, however, students can take up to three short term units if they so choose. Last short term I went abroad to Jamaica with other Batesies who took a course taught by Dr. Charles Carnegie, chair of the African American studies program and a professor of Anthropology at Bates. While in Jamaica, I certainly noticed the aesthetic beauty of the island, yet I also noticed the disheartening poverty of island. I also took a course at the University of West Indies on Jamaican life and culture, and I had partaken in all the cultural festivities that Jamaica offered. The experience was indeed memorable.

┬áThis short term I took a course called the Ethics of Care in Philosophy, which examined issues that focused on feminist ethics. I enjoyed the course; it heightened my knowledge on birth and women’s rights. Bates philosophy professor Dr. Susan Stark, who teaches the course, is also great.

During my down time and because I only took one course I had a lot of it, I engaged in several on campus and off campus activities with friends. I spent a lot of my time with two of my good friends on campus, junior Marshall Hatch and sophomore Theodore Sutherland. Both are fun to be around and always have something funny or insightful to say. I also attended concerts, cook outs, parties, and other exciting Bates events.

Please view the photo section on my experience through an extensive photo essay.

Yours in the struggle, I am

Brother Phillips

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