2008 Youth Leadership Award Northwest Philadelphia Community Apprecition Awards

Accepting the "2008 Youth Leadership Award" during the "2nd Annual Northwest Community Appreciation Awards Dinner"

I returned to Philadelphia this weekend to accept the “2008 Youth Leadership Award” during the 2nd Annual Northwest Philadelphia Community Appreciation Awards on Friday, September 19th, 2008. The dinner was organized by Pennsylvania State Representative Cherelle Parker. This award is given to “individuals whose work in the community has not only served to enhance their own personal interests, but has had a tremendous impact on the community at large.”

If someone would have told me years ago that later on in my life I would be a leader of a non-profit and that I would take on an active role in my community, I would be bewildered by their statement. In my acceptance speech I noted, “I’m living to tell the story of how we were able to overcome human injustice and I want to encourage everyone in attendance to continue to lead a life committed to that story.”

Thank you Pennsylvania State Representative Cherelle Parker and the committee who selected me for this award. I’m very humble and grateful to have received such an honor for my service to the community that I love.


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