Brother Phillips Returns to Bates


My friends and members of Bates College class of 2010 Marshall Hatch Jr (left side) and Greg Gumbs (Right Side)

 Brother Phillips has returned to Bates College. Senior year is off and running. I’m happy to see my mentors and other administrators, faculty and staff here at Bates. Again, I believe the support these individuals give to students is phenomenal. This year, I’m attempting to write an honors thesis. I’m also taking the following classes: Philosophy: From Descartes to Kant, African American Studies: Prelude to the Civil Rights Movement and Biology: Human Reproduction. Any work I conduct in the natural sciences is difficult for me. So I imagine that the biology class I’m taking this semester will be challenging as well. Yet, if I work really hard I may manage to earn a decent grade in the class.

 This semester I will be making several post undergraduate plans. I intend to enter graduate school or participate in some sort of community/volunteer service program after graduation.

 I have so much to do, with so little time. However, I plan to “Keep [My] Eyes on the Prize [and] Hold on Hold on”

 Pray for me!

 Do well everyone!

 Yours in the struggle, I am

 Brother Phillips

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