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Admissions Officer Marylyn Scott preaches a sermon on "Being a Closet Christian" in the Chapel

Admissions Officer Marylyn Scott preaches a sermon on "Being a Closet Christian" in the Chapel

Each week there is a protestant chapel service at Bates. It runs for about an hour. The service includes scripture reading, prayer, a gospel choir performance, and sometimes the Chapel is treated to a praise dance performance. One Sunday, we even had a huge dinner after service called “Sunday Dinner,” which reminded me of the good Sunday dinner I get back at home.

 Marylyn Scott, Director of Multicultural Recruitment at Bates preached this past Sunday (October 4th, 2009) in the Bates Chapel on the subject “Being a Closet Christian.” In the sermon, she described her undergraduate experience at a large public university and how the institution’s social environment could have very well distracted her from being a responsible and dedicated Christian. Marylyn emphasized that in college, students should not lose themselves and let go of their moral principles. She noted that we must stand strong in our purpose and continue to live our Christian lifestyles.

Who would’ve known that an admissions officer could actually preach like a televangelist and inspire people to become better Christians? This encourages me to learn what other hidden talents Bates admissions officers have!! I guess I should not be that surprised because at Bates we see faculty, administrators and staff interacting with students in ways that many would never imagine could happen in college. Sometimes they counsel students, have dinner together and even chat about serious and not so serious topics. That’s Bates for Ya.  

Marylyn Scott, job well done!

 Yours in the struggle, I am

 Brother Phillips

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