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 My fall break was excellent. I was able to relax, reunite with some of my friends and catch up on some work. When it was time for me to return to Bates, I began to search for individuals who could provide me with a ride back to campus. I immediately contacted some students at Bates and many of them were not available to pick me up. I became somewhat worried and I eventually resolved that I would have to pay for a shuttle to drive me from the airport to Bates.

 But an interesting thing happened. I noticed a man on the plane with me who I believed was a professor at Bates. I had never met this man before, but I certainly recognized him. I said to myself, “hey I know this may be odd, but maybe I should ask him if he teaches at Bates and whether or not he could give me a ride to campus.”  So, I approached him and asked him if he taught at Bates. He said yes and I of course identified myself. His name was Michael Murray and he taught in the Economics Department. Once I learned that he was a professor of economics I finally realized where I met him. I recalled spending long nights in Pettengill Hall (where the Economics Department is housed) and seeing him there sometimes in the evenings while studying. I then asked him if he could give me a ride and he surprisingly said YES. Thank God.

 On our way back to campus we had a great conversation on politics, Bates, his decision to become an economics professor and community work. Professor Murray has been teaching at Bates for 24 years. Before teaching at Bates he taught at large universities. He noted he was compelled to teach at Bates because he loves interacting with students in smaller learning communities. He values getting to know students personally. This is something he found much more difficult to do at a larger university.  I also learned that his son founded a community organization in Philadelphia that I’m familiar with called the Empowerment Group.

Professor Murray represents the character of Bates very well. Faculty, staff and administrators at Bates are always willing to assist students in times of need. This small act of kindness certainly provides a good representation of the quality of professors we have at Bates.

 Thank you Professor Murray!

Yours in the struggle, I am

Brother Phillips

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