Deciding on Bates..Congrats 2014!

Freshman year at Bates

Congratulations on your acceptance to Bates College!

I know many of you are still undecided on whether Bates is the right place for you. Many of you have visited the campus, reviewed the website, perused brochures, spoken with current Bates students, and chatted with Bates alums; yet still cannot discern if Bates is the best college for you. I want you to know that I understand. Well here’s my small advice to you on how to make your decision:  I suggest that you ask yourself the following questions:

(1) What are my academic goals?

(2) How do I wish to grow personally?

(3)  Do I believe Bates can help me develop my personal and intellectual interests?

 I chose Bates because I desired to attend an institution with a good academic reputation, a strong community of students interested in social change, and a place where students have excellent relations and interaction with administrators, faculty and staff. If an institution did not have these qualities, I immediately took it off my list. Today, I’m happy I remained committed to choosing an institution that possessed these characteristics because I have benefited from being challenged intellectually, learning from other socially conscious students, and having the support of the entire Bates community in times of need.      

Think of things important to you and attempt to make a sound decision on whether Bates has attributes that are most significant to you. Make a mature decision that does not include observing college rankings. Take time to investigate whether you can not only see yourself being apart of a particular college community, but try to imagine whether you can see yourself becoming an integral part of that college community. I can only hope Bates is that place.

Yours in the struggle, I am

Brother Phillips

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